Volunteer Area

Screening of Volunteers (Volunteer Policy 412)

Before beginning volunteer services, all volunteers of the agency will be required to submit to a criminal background screening. Volunteers are required to complete screening forms that include the following information: general information, prior volunteer service and volunteer disclosure affidavit. Anyone who has had a child abuse conviction or expungement, or child protective finding against him/her, as well as anyone who does not complete and sign the application forms, will not be permitted to volunteer with the agency. Such criminal background check shall be renewed every two (2) years. The agency will cover the cost of this background screening. Should such record check reveal an open warrant or failure to register as a sex offender, the agency will report the applicant to the appropriate authorities and the applicant is deemed to have waived any right to confidentiality.

Volunteers shall complete and sign a volunteer application form indicating that he/she has never been convicted of child abuse or had such a conviction expunged, or had a Department of Social Services finding of child abuse/neglect. Volunteers shall also complete and return an Authorization to Release Information form in order for the CAC to complete the criminal background screening.